The story of the company

Where did MasteraSoft get its start?

Over 25 years of software development

MasteraSoft founder Timo Lintunen has more than 25 years of software entrepreneurship experience in the field of business applications for SMEs. Timo previously founded Kassava Oy and FuturSoft Oy (now Vitec Futursoft), of which he is co-founder, have delivered ERP software to more than 2000 companies in Finland, the Nordic and Baltic countries.

After his first ERP career of 25 years, Timo worked for a while as an independent IT consultant and then as an IT specialist in the import industry.

MasteraSoft was born in 2023 to develop high-quality cloud-based business applications for selected industries.

We are currently developing an industry-specific cloud service, which will be launched during year 2024.

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Our policy

In addition to Azure and its Azure SQL database, our software solutions are based on Microsoft .NET technologies such as ASP.NET and Blazor.

Our operations are always guided by an agile development model based on the accurate identification of customer needs.

We develop processes for the client company in line with current and near-future business opportunities, focusing on solutions that significantly improve the value creation of the company. Industry-specific process innovations are based on a subtle questioning of current business models.

Similarly, an in-depth analysis of customers’ current development needs and the identification of opportunities for change are key.

Software tailored to your needs

So we are not only developing software for the current business processes, but above all for the new processes that will be implemented in the near future. We always think about our customer’s customer, so that our customer’s customer receives the best possible service.

Our approach is characterised by a long time span. We have the time and the will to genuinely improve things.

We are in no hurry to realise our potential on a quarterly basis, but instead plan our activities on a ten-year horizon.

A long-term approach to software development is one of our core values. Other values include innovation, flexibility and relevance.

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Customer-driven product development

We have a long experience in customer-oriented product development.

We are accustomed to organising, among other things, development polls, user surveys and usability studies to develop software to meet real customer needs. This is how we ensure that users genuinely like the software we develop.

Training on the use of software in the form of live demonstrations and video recordings is one of our core competences. We have developed a number of online courses and consider these to be a good complement to live training.

Live training sessions, on the other hand, take the form of interactive learning events, depending on the people present.

Easy deployment

How easy it is to adopt a new programme and how easy it is to use are key to customer satisfaction. That’s why we offer our customers comprehensive support for both the implementation and use of the software.

We want our customers to have the lowest possible threshold to ask for help. That’s why we offer, among other things, remote support, where we solve your problem together using screen sharing.

We also provide clear and high-quality user manuals for our software. We believe that instructions should always be easily accessible and that you should not have to search for information for a long time. Providing guidance in the form of instructions for new features in future versions is important, because new features are meaningless unless the user can find and use them.

We also want to make it easy and risk-free to learn about and buy our software. That’s why we offer a free 60-day trial of our software, allowing you to use the software with real data.

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