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We are a young software company specialising in industry-specific business applications, backed by decades of experience in developing customer-focused business software. We develop not only high-quality software, but also the processes of our customers’ industries.

We are currently developing an industry-specific cloud service, which will be launched during year 2024.

We are not disclosing the product under development or its target sectors yet. What we can tell you is that the software will combine the expertise that we have built up over the last 30 years in enterprise software.

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You can easily follow the latest news about our software in the news section of our website.

MasteraSoft website launched

MasteraSoft website has been launched on 9.3.2023. Our product development is well underway, and now is a good time to…
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Roots in software development

Our founder, Timo Lintuse, has over 25 years of software entrepreneurship experience in the field of business applications for SMEs.

Timo previously founded Kassava Oy and FuturSoft Oy (now Vitec Futursoft), of which he is co-founder, have delivered ERP software to more than 2000 companies in Finland, the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Timo wanted to start a new company focused exclusively on developing high-quality business applications tailored to the needs of selected industries. To this end, MasteraSoft was born in 2023.

What do we do?

In addition to Azure and its Azure SQL database, our software solutions are based on Microsoft .NET technologies such as ASP.NET and Blazor.

Our operations are guided by an agile development model based on the accurate identification of customer needs. We don’t just develop software for the customer’s current business processes, but help them to modernise and improve their processes at the same time.

In software development, we always think about our customer’s customer as well, so that our customer’s customer gets the best possible service.

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