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Time to serve better

When I founded MasteraSoft, my guiding principle was to provide end-to-end solutions where the voice of the customer is heard. Too often in our industry, implementation is done on the terms of technology and authorship, with the novelty of novelty perhaps often the driving force. As a software developer since 1992, I have become well-versed in the reality that only by humbly listening to the needs of the customer can we achieve a situation where the software not only meets the necessary needs, but genuinely exceeds user expectations in different situations. The aim is always to create a situation where the user can say “what a clever programme”. Not the programmer, but the program itself, which is achieved by listening carefully to the user, thinking about how to turn the user’s problems into solutions.

The third generation of programmes at hand

I started making software for the retail sector in 1992, and the software went into production in 1993. The next milestone for me was in 1997, when the first Windows software was made available, initially for garages. It made quite a difference to move from text-based software to graphical software, although the use of the mouse was initially a headache for many users who were not used to it. Now, in 2023, I’m facing a new one, with the development of new software for the browser. I don’t say the cloud, because such a service was already developed for our Windows software in 2011, more than ten years ago. However, with the whole solution now running from the user’s perspective in a web browser, a lot of things are new. Certainly, as with the shift from keyboard to mouse at the turn of the millennium, many people find that using the browser as their main daily tool is different from what they were used to, and not always in a good way. But that’s how the world around us is changing, and soon we won’t even remember what we had before. Just as the old branded software will no longer be missed.

I’ll have to wait a little longer before we tell you more about the concrete results of our development work!

Timo Lintunen

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